Our Focus

AWare Catalysts is a research-centric business focused on creating solutions to leave the world better than it was before we existed and prepared for the time when we no longer exist.


We work with companies and organizations to leverage our research to help create lasting change.


Our current research is focused on the mental wealth and health of entrepreneurs from historically-excluded populations.


Our training programs are: Self-Directed, Workshops, and 1-to-1. They are facilitated in virtual and on-site formats.

Client 's Quote

His [Anthony Ware] programs help people build the ecosystem for their mental health that now sustains them. His guidance, wisdom, and expertise has helped our folks build resilience and their confidence in themselves. His programs have built a community built on mutual care. Engagement, psychological safety, inclusion survey scores UP. Resoundingly positive feedback. The point is, you want him supporting you and your people. His work is transformative. You will never regret bringing his incredible energy into your space.”

Organizations We've Worked With