Anthony Ware

Anthony Ware is a Mental Wealth Strategist and Principal at AWare Catalysts. He is the lead researcher, author, and publisher of the Founder Mental Wealth Report.

During his 10+ years as a serial entrepreneur, Anthony has successfully launched 5 companies in multiple industries. He has shared his insights and frameworks on mental wealth as a speaker, moderator, and panelist for audiences in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

The diverse intersections of Anthony’s life experiences have helped him develop a deep level of empathy and grace. Anthony’s mission is to help underestimated entrepreneurs and professionals build mental wealth, trust themselves, and make better decisions for their lives and businesses.

Speaking Engagements

Book Anthony Ware for keynote, panel, fireside chat, and to moderate a panel.


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Life including business is one big experiment. Here is one of Anthony's most recent experiments. The learnings from experiments can uncover serendipitous synergies that leapfrog the status quo.


“This NFT is part of my work on building blocks for the next 5 to 10 years to create generational mental wealth for underestimated founders, shift the power dynamics in scientific research and funding of research, and create more accessible and inclusive systems.” -Anthony Ware

The original art is a painting that Anthony Ware created during a pivotal time in my life. The painting was his first as an adult. Anthony gifted the original physical painting in 2014 to a good friend to hang in her firstborn’s nursery room. As a result, the NFT doesn’t give the Buyer or the person gifted the sessions any rights or access to the original painting on canvas.

This NFT is 1 of 1. No further editions of this NFT or artwork will be minted.

For more details go here.

“The Awakening of Zen Doughboy” (2014).
Paint on canvas.
© Anthony Ware All rights reserved.

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